There are currently several other interesting research projects on the topics of extreme weather, pandemics, and data space functionalities / management; we are in contact with several of them in order to best benefit from potential synergies.

We hope and intend to use the results of those other projects in different parts of our project as outlined below:

You too are researching these topics? Feel free to contact us!

List of related projects

The automatic adaptive crisis monitoring and management system

Erosion events due to heavy rain in Markgräflerland

Governance and communications in the crisis event of the flooding event in July 2021

Climate adaptation, flooding, resilience

AI-based warning system for heavy rain and urban flooding

Crisis management and resilience – Corona

Optimization of risk and crisis communication by government, public authorities and health services

Model project of spatial planning

Privacy-Aware, Intelligent and Resilient CrisiS Management

Strengthening urban resilience

Handling of psychosocial situations during crises and catastrophes

Communication and information platform for resilient, crisis-relevant supply networks

Analysis of realization and effectiveness of operational pandemic planning in the context of the Covid-19 crisis

Semantic platform for intelligent decision and operations support in control and situation centers

Integration of systemic criticality in civil protection planning