BMBF Innovation Forum on Civil Security


The BMBF will host its biennial Innovation Forum »Civil Security« in Berlin on May 7th and 8th, 2024. This event is dedicated entirely to research on civil secuirty matters and is intended to demonstrate how important this topic is these days, in particular considering current events and challenges.

Topical sessions, presentations and project displays will allow for a discussion of the various issues with stakeholders from science, economy, and government and public safety.


Milestone Meeting


On February 20, 2024, all project contributors came together for a comprehensive review of the goals already achieved. In particular, we focused on the integration of the various components as well as the consolidation and visualization of our preliminary results on a dashboard. The latter is intended to provide end users with data-based support for crisis prevention and mitigation decisions.

Here, a comparison of several social vulnerability and resilience indices for all of Germany is being demonstrated. The top left allows for topic selection, the bottom left provides a tabular overview of the administrative units (here: districts for all of Germany), the top right contains a diagram for simple comparison, the bottom right shows a histogram of the values, and in the middle, we have a map with the individual districts colored according to their index value.

Workshop on Municipal Resilience


On January 17, 2024, an online workshop allowed us to network with other research projects investigating municipal resilience. In particular, these were Resiliente Regionen (part of the Region gestalten program) and Resilienz + Zentralität, both funded by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR). In an active exchange, we managed to identify various synergies.

ResKriVer Consortial Meeting


On December 13, 2023, we participated in one of the consortial meetings of the ResKriVer project, hosted by the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund.

There, we could gain valuable insights ino the various project components, developed amongst others by Fraunhofer Fokus and IML, the Charité, the Berlin Fire Department, the  Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes, and Condat. This allowed for a multitude of interesting exchanges.

Data User Workshop


On September 28, 2023, we had another workshop with our prospective end users where we presented them with first intermediate results of our data anylses. In addition, we gave an overview over what data evaluations may be performed at later stages. In this context, we were glad to be able to collect feedback which allows us to optimally adapt our project goals to the requirements of our target group.

Data Provider Workshop


On September 19, 2023, we hosted a workshop with our data providers in order to discuss the availability and accessibility of the data we need; this allowed us to collect valuable information. Furthermore, we were able to identify potential candidates for a test roll-out of the data connectors we develop.



As part of the pop-up DATEN:RAUM:FREIBURG, the city of Freiburg presented various digital projects it is currently working on. On August 30, 2023, we attended — and contributed to — a dedicated technical exchange concerning the data platform architecture.

AKRIMA Congress


The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence organized the AKRIMA Congress in Lübeck, which allowed us to have further exchanges with related research projects.

Digitalization meets Flood Warning


In Essen, the Competence Center for Digital Water Management (Kompetenzzentrum Digitale Wasserwirtschaft) hosted the workshop Digitalization meets Flood Warning (Digitalisierung meets Überflutungswarnung). We participated to exchange ideas with other projects.

Project Workshop with End Users


After the first year of the project, we reconvened with users from the associated municipalities by means of an online workshop hosted by us. There, we presented the first interim results and at the same time collected important feedback from the users.

Among other things, they assessed, from their point of view, the practical relevance of resilience analyses before, during and after a crisis. Below the results of an interactive survey conducted with members of the disaster management team:

Future Security 2023


The Future Security 2023 in Berlin, hosted by Fraunhofer VVS, gave us the opportunity to gain insights into other research projects in the field of crisis management. This allowed us to collect interesting impulses as well as to present the progress in our project HERAKLION.

Demand Carrier Workshops


In June and July 2022, a number of workshops were conducted with local users. In a first step, we took stock of various data sources; in addition, we had an exchange with the user target group in order to determine which requirements should be prioritized from their point of view.

Kick Off Meeting


On April 4, 2022, the kick-off meeting of the HERAKLION project took place. Participants included the consortium as well as representatives of the involved municipalities. In addition to the people pictured, State Secretary Judith Pirscher and Freiburg’s Mayor Martin Horn were participating virtually, amongst others.